How does Yolustu work?

Yolustu is an easy way to get goods that cannot be bought in your country or are too expensive.

Create order

Go to any online store. Copy the product link and paste it into the order field on Yolustu.

Accept shipping offer

You will receive delivery offers from travelers. Choose the best deal and pay money for shipping.

Get your order

Common questions

It is in the interests of travelers to deliver orders for which they have made offers.  Travelers first buy the goods with their own money, and only after the delivery of the goods,  do we transfer the payment to them.

 We use a system of ratings and reviews, thanks to which you can check the reliability of the traveler in advance. Among the travelers who offer to deliver your order, there may be newcomers. We have identified a number of criteria that will help new travelers quickly learn how to use the service.

As the shopper, you are covered by Yolustu's money-back guarantee and have the right to accept or not to accept the item if the condition is not as agreed upon (wrong color, wrong item, wrong quantity, damaged or broken).

Make sure to inspect your order before confirming delivery. Shoppers are given a 24-hour grace period where they can report an order as damaged or incomplete.

Please note that Yolustu is not responsible for damaged items. We encourage travelers to purchase travel insurance that covers damages due to lost or damaged luggage.

If your item is damaged, broken or wrong, best thing to do is inform your traveler right away and Yolustu within 24 hours. In some cases, the traveler will be able to bring a replacement on the next trip. If you didn't contact Yolustu or your traveler within 24 hours, Yolustu's money-back guarantee will not apply. Please contact support if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.

Travelers often unpack to save space in their luggage. If you have ordered an expensive item or would like to receive it in the original packaging, please inform the traveler in advance. If your traveler fails to keep the original packaging after they have confirmed it, you can count on Yolustu's money-back guarantee.


If your item is difficult to deliver along with the packaging, or if it requires a large suitcase, the traveler may ask for a higher reward.

In the rare event that your traveler cancels your order, you can:

  1. Find a new traveler Instant Refund
  2. Yolustu Wallet Refund
  3. Original method of payment

1 - Find a New Traveler

We'll work on matching your order with another traveler so that you can get your item at exactly the same price and around the same time as you originally desired. Please note that your payment will be securely kept by Yolustu and transferred to your new traveler once delivery is completed. You won’t need to accept any new offer from your new traveler. Your new traveler will seamlessly continue your delivery. We'll attempt to reassign your order to another traveler and your order will remain open for 10 days. If we cannot match your order to another traveler, your order will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued to your original method of payment.

2 - Instant Refund - Yolustu Wallet

If you cannot wait for another traveler to deliver your order, it has gone out of stock or its price has changed, you can choose to receive a refund. You can do this anytime after your traveler has canceled the delivery of the order on their side, and before a new traveler starts a new delivery. To request a refund, simply open your order and click on 'Cancel order'. You'll see an option to receive the refund in your Yolustu Wallet or to your original payment method. We recommend a refund to your Wallet as you receive it instantly in US dollars. Refunds to your original payment method may take up to 30 business days and are re-converted to your local currency. Additionally, by receiving your refund to your Wallet, you lock in the exchange rate that you originally enjoyed at the time of your payment. By opting to receive your refund to your original method of payment, there is no guarantee that the exchange rate will be the same on your next purchase. You can always check your wallet balance here.

3 - Refund (original method of payment)

If you don't want to receive your refund in your Yolustu Wallet, you may select the refund for credit or debit card on the order page. Remember that the refunds to a credit card may take up to 30 business days to appear on your bank statement. Throughout the entire process, we'll be sure to keep you updated on your order status in our notification center. If you have any questions about your refund status or believe an error occurred with your refund, we're here to help.

If you have not yet accepted a traveler’s delivery offer, you can cancel an order by going to your orders page and clicking on the order you want to cancel, click on “Order details” and then on the “cancel order” button on the order page. Once you accept an offer, you are committed to the payment of your order and associated fees. You can also message your traveler to find out if he or she has already purchased your item. If not, they are often willing to cancel the order from their end.

If your traveler didn’t show up to your confirmed meeting place, send them a message via our messenger to see if there was some confusion and/or to set up an alternate time.

Per our community guidelines, they should reply to your messages within 48 hours and contact you 24 hours before their arrival to coordinate delivery details.

If you cannot get in touch with your traveler after multiple attempts, please reach out to our Support so we can intervene on your behalf.

If your traveler has not communicated a change in their plans and your order is up to seven (7) days late, you are eligible for a refund. If so, our customer service team can facilitate.

This usually happens when there are not enough travelers heading to your city, your delivery date is too soon for travelers to meet, the item isn’t allowed into your country or if your item is difficult to buy, pack or deliver. Here are a few other reasons why you may not be receiving delivery offers:

If your item is too large or heavy to fit into a normal sized suitcase If your item is out of stock at your requested retailer If your item is no longer available at the price listed in the order form Here are a few things you can do to improve your chances:

Publish your order again so that it goes to the top of the feed Make sure your item is not too large, heavy or bulky to travel with, and that it's legal to enter your country. Share your order on social media and in Yolustu groups so more people see it. This video rounds up some of the most common items that travelers can’t deliver.

Yolustu is a worldwide community that depends on traveler and shopper communication. In order to ensure that you get the item that you want, you'll need to communicate with your traveller at times in the buying process. Here are some tips on how to ensure you and the traveler have a seamless experience:

When you create your order:

- Enter as many details as possible when requesting your item. This will allow prospective travelers to bring your item exactly as requested.

  1. Ensure there is an image of your item
  2. Ensure the item price is correct
  3. Update the quantity to your desired purchase amount

Enter a detailed description. Many online links have multiple options (i.e. color, capacity, size, etc). Be detailed enough so that travelers will know exactly what you want.

- Once your order is placed, potential travelers may reach out to you with questions. You will receive email and push notifications (if enabled) about these messages. Please respond to these messages as soon as possible to give your traveler adequate time and information in order to accept to deliver your order.

After accepting a Delivery Offer:

You have accepted a delivery offer. It's important to keep your eye out for messages still. For instance, a retail store may run out of stock of your requested item or there may be a slight shipping delay. Your traveler will keep you updated and informed of any updates to your order. Delivery of the item will also be arranged through the Yolustu messenger.

Keep in Mind:

  • Traveler & shopper communication is a vital part in making Yolustu work
  • All messaging should be done through the Yolustu messenger. This helps ensure that Yolustu can assist in the event of a dispute (learn more about our Money Back Guarantee here)
  • Please reply to messages from your traveler within 48 hours. Travelers are expected to do the same.
  • While Yolustu is a strong community of travelers and shoppers, there are times issues may arise or you may have trouble getting in touch with your traveler. If that happens, contact us here and we'll be glad to assist

Can I message any traveler? If you want a specific traveler to make an offer on your order, you can request delivery from them. Go to your orders page and click on your requested order. You will see a list of travelers en route to your city, select the one you like best and send them a request!

"Congrats on placing your order through Yolustu! Our community of travelers have been notified and you’ll be matched with a traveler soon. Here is some helpful information regarding what happens now: 1. Your payment is held securely in Yolustu’s escrow account until you confirm that you receive your item. Your order is protected by Yolustu’s 100% money-back guarantee should you not receive your item. 2. You will be matched with a traveler who will purchase and deliver your item. Your payment is not released to the traveler until you confirm delivery of your item! 3. Use the Yolustu Messenger, available on web and mobile, to coordinate delivery details with your traveler. You will receive emails and push notifications (if enabled) when you receive any new messages. Please keep an eye out in case your traveler has any questions about your order. You can learn more about communicating with your traveler here. 4. Meet your traveler and receive your item! After you confirm delivery, we’ll transfer your payment to your traveler. Remember to meet in a public place. You can learn more about trust & safety here. Be sure to leave your traveler a rating. Our two-way rating system ensures that both shoppers and travelers have a positive experience with Yolustu. What if I haven't been matched with a traveler Most orders are matched with a traveler within 72 hours. If you haven’t been matched with a traveler within this time, here are common reasons why an order hasn’t been matched with a traveler: The item is too large or heavy to fit into a normal sized suitcase The item isn’t allowed into your country. Learn more about what you can order on Yolustu here The item is out of stock at your requested retailer The item is no longer available at the price listed in the order form Keep an eye out for messages from travelers. Before accepting your order, travelers may message you for further details if they have questions or if your item is out of stock or listed at a different price. There aren’t enough travelers heading to your city during your requested delivery date Your delivery date is too soon for travelers to meet Try moving your delivery date to a future date. As travelers need to wait for your item to arrive before traveling, deliveries may take up to 3 weeks depending on the retailer or seller from which you requested your item. What if I need to cancel my order? You can cancel your order for a full refund any time before a traveler has been matched. Once you’ve been matched, your payment is held in escrow and only your traveler can cancel the order. You can learn more about canceling your orders here."

"When creating an order, you will see a few different charges that add up to the total amount. Please note that this price is just an estimate and you will not be charged when creating an order. Once you receive offers from your traveler, you will be able to see the final price for each offer you receive. The first is the product price, which is the price of the item sold at the retailer of your choice. Here’s a breakdown of these charges, as shown in the image below. Product price = this is the cost of the item you are requesting on Yolustu. If you found this item on sale, you should add a note to your traveler if a coupon code is needed to attain the discounted price. US Sales Tax = Yolustu auto-calculates sales tax for US travelers. Sales taxes vary depending on the US state your traveler is based in and the type of product you request. You will see the amount of sales tax your traveler will have to pay when you receive delivery offers. If sales taxes are not applicable for the item you are requesting, please ask your traveler to uncheck the sales tax box when making the delivery offer. Traveler reward = Traveler’s reward for delivering your order. Yolustu uses machine learning to estimate this amount, but the traveler may offer a different amount. Expect to pay between 10-20% of the item’s total cost. Yolustu fee = Yolustu charges shoppers a service fee to cover development fees. This includes running operations and providing support among other business expenses. Payment processing = Service fee for our payment processing costs. Important update for shoppers in Argentina Due to new regulations, when paying in Pesos, the exchange rate is set directly by our payment processors and includes all taxes: Impuesto País, IVA, 35%. The price you see is a final price and you will not receive any additional charge on your credit card. We are working to offer you additional payment methods in the future. Why is there a traveler fee? Please note that there is a $5 minimum traveler fee. This fee is to cover the traveler's time and effort. Keep in mind that regardless of the price of your item, travelers still need to take the time to purchase, pack and meet up to deliver the item."