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Profitable from anywhere in the world!

Set your own delivery price

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How does Yolustu work?

Yolustu is an easy way to get goods that cannot be bought in your country or are too expensive.

Select an order and make a delivery offer

Select a suitable order along your route. Make a delivery offer and indicate the reward - the amount that the buyer will pay you for delivery.

Agree on order details with the buyer

Important: the buyer makes an advance payment for the order. This money will be frozen in the system.You need to buy the product with your own money.

Deliver the goods and get payment

Make an appointment and hand the product over to the buyer. As soon as delivery is confirmed, you will receive payment.

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Create order

Go to any online store. Copy the product link and paste it into the order field on Yolustu.

Accept shipping offer

You will receive delivery offers from travelers. Choose the best deal and pay money for shipping.

Get your order

Delivered orders

Travelers deliver these products to the other end of the world. Reliable, fast and affordable

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It's a quick and easy way to shop around the world and make money while traveling.